Amanda F

Jennifer really opened my eyes to what my life could be and helped me to get there one step at a time. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach to help me reignite my passions in life, find true peace and happiness, and redirect me to my life’s purpose. She is a one of a kind human that I am lucky to have in my life.

Ashley B

Some months back my life was imploding in front of my eyes and I felt nothing short of lost in every aspect of my life; spiritually I was defeated. I knew I was lacking inner peace and wisdom is what I needed. That’s when I came across Jen- I immediately felt connected to her as well as understood by her. I talked to her about my inner most demons and the pain that was defining me with the hope that she would have the answers. Instead she helped me dig deep through the wreckage to find those answers myself FOR myself; she’s guided me with patience, kindness, empathy, and strength. She’s given me tools through my healing process, affirmation, wisdom, and courage to continue moving forward with positivity and light. I’ve felt a weight lifted off of my soul through Jen and I’m impressed with how genuine she’s been with my progress- she genuinely wants me to strive and be at peace. She understands healing is a process that cannot be rushed and that everyone has their own journey. She will help you understand your journey as well as guide you through the curved roads that we often derail on. My gratitude is forever with her.


Ashlie L

I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer over the course of six weeks and she was amazing. Always on time, ready to listen and most importantly positive. We work on baggage I was carrying from my wife death and other things. I could always count on Jennifer to be in step with me through the universe, always sending encouragement when I needed it the most. Our experience and sessions were souly based on my needs and were very enlightening. I am so thankful for her dedication and support in my time of need. I recommend her to all that agree trying to find their path and may need some guidance. So happy we got the time we did. 

Forever thankful.