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Q. How do the 1:1 calls take place?

A. Calls are taken place through an app called ZOOM, all calls are video chat. ZOOM is free to download from the app store or you can set up an account on your laptop or computer

Q. What is soul work?

A. Soul work is exercises that will be provided by me to help you grow and heal in certain areas that we will be working on

Q. What can I expect from you as my Soul & Life Coach?

A. When you hire me as a coach our calls do not begin and end on our calls. You are gaining experience with me. I am here for you and will begin supporting you from the moment you sign up. My job is to help you become the highest and most magical version of yourself! 

If you have any other questions for me that I did not provide the answers for here, please reach out to me I would love to answer your questions