Hi, I'm Jennifer

I'm a soul & life coach. I started on this path after life hit me pretty hard, and that's when I realized I had a higher calling, and that was to serve YOU! In 2018 I was diagnosed with stage 2 melanoma (skin cancer), and a month later, I found out I needed my gallbladder removed. I fell into a state of depression. I was sad, confused, angry, and I could not understand what was going on. I asked the universe, "what are you trying to teach me?". I stayed positive and continued to look for the good in all of the chaos. Eventually, I found my way out, which led me on this path. I did much healing and growing on my own, but you don't have to! That's what I'm here for. When I was on one of the craziest roller coasters of my life, nobody knew about it. Not my friends, family, or co-workers. I struggled with many emotions, and I just wanted to be happy and healthy again. It feels so good to have found that once more! Life can be hard, dark, and challenging, but it does not have to! Happiness indeed does bloom from within.

I have spent the past few years conquering my fears and pursuing my dreams, all while having major life transformations, many health issues, and shedding many layers of my past self. I fell in love with me all over again more than I ever thought I could. On this journey, I hired a coach myself, who taught me how to love on myself, even more, step entirely out of my fears and comfort zone, and become the fearless woman I am today. I also met my soul tribe along the way, and I couldn't be any happier! But I to had struggles and so much fear that I had to outgrow first. The universe had a better picture for me; then I would have painted myself. Now I know I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be and aligned on my true life journey. When we stop resisting the change, the magic begins to unfold. I would love to reveal the magic for you as well!

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I empower people to amplify the magic they already have